A Year In Review

2018 has been an exciting and busy year of growth here at MD Interconnect. We invested significant time and energy into enhancing our secure communication platform, RapidConnect, based on what we have learned from flagship customers including Wake Med and Lurie Children’s Hospital. 

Our relationships with our customers also continue to grow, and we are proud to see RapidConnect expand its role as part of their overall communication strategy and new opportunities. One such example is how Lurie is using RapidConnect to improve early access to quality psychiatry care for children, closer to home.  You can read more about that in our last blog post. 

We have also fine-tuned our business processes while making significant investments in sales, marketing and business development including the addition of our first Vice President of Sales, who has hit the ground running. 

Throughout all of this, I have faced my own health issues and have watched family members struggle with healthcare related debt. It is an ongoing reminder of why we started this company in the first place, and why we continue to persist. I never want to lose sight of our goal to ultimately improve patient care and lower the total cost of care. We have accomplished a lot throughout our journey over the past two years, but if we can achieve those things I will know we have succeeded. 

As I look ahead to 2019, I am excited about the many exciting opportunities we have in front of us including new customers and other strategic alignments. I am especially excited about being one step closer to our ultimate goal. 

RapidConnect Helps Improve Early Access to Quality Psychiatry Care for Children

Approximately 13% of youth aged 8-15 experience a severe mental health disorder at some point in their life. A much higher percentage of children suffer from common mental health concerns including anxiety, ADHD, and depression. Sadly, without the right treatment at an early age, these mental health disorders can lead to consequences like suicide, incarceration, homelessness, and school dropout.

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago recognized that the early identification and treatment of mental health concerns was essential to the care of the whole child. They also recognized that the need for mental health services was greater than what could be supported by traditional visits to their specialists. With that in mind, they launched the MAACC (Mood, Anxiety, ADHD Collaborative Care) program to improve early access to quality psychiatry care closer to home.

nurse communicationThe goal of the program was to train and assist the primary care community to provide specifically defined mental health services while providing better access to Lurie specialists for certain situations. This program serves children and young adults suffering from anxiety, ADHD and depression. To date, 15 Lurie Clinically Integrated Network practices and 65 primary care physicians (PCPs) have elected to participate in the program.

PCPs needed a way to send Protected Health Information (PHI) securely so that they could ask specific questions and provide the required background information for the specialists. In addition, Lurie’s psychiatry service team wanted to automatically route the questions coming in through the MAACC program to different resources depending on the type of question.

RapidConnect was introduced to facilitate that direct and secure communication between the trained PCP and the Lurie psychiatry specialty team.

In less than three months, at least 32 different PCPs have used RapidConnect to securely connect to Lurie Children’s psychiatry service to better address the mental health needs of their pediatric patients through referrals, medications and assessments.   And, more than 30 children have already received much needed care through their PCP in collaboration with Lurie Children’s psychiatry specialists.

To learn more about the role RapidConnect plays in the success of Lurie’s MAACC (Mood, Anxiety, ADHD Collaborative Care) program, read the complete case study or contact us to learn more.