About MD Interconnect

Dr. J. David Hoover responded to a critical challenge facing physicians, and one that he had experienced personally; connecting the right physicians at the right time, to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. With that in mind, he co-founded MD Interconnect.

Connecting made easy . . .

Connecting with the right provider has never been more complicated. Outpatient-based providers frequently don’t visit the hospital and don’t have personal relationships with specialists. Hospitalists rotate every 12 hours; nursing shifts last 8-12 hours. Call schedules change. Calling can take a long time. 

MD Interconnect simplifies the system, streamlines care and delivers sensitive Protected Health Information in a secure manner. With our suite of products that eliminate the complexity of communication, you can be confident that your communication will be protected, the right resource will receive it, and you’ll know when it was received and by whom.   

Continuum wide . . .

By offering a flat fee license and unlimited mobile users, MD Interconnect helps health systems integrate across the entire healthcare continuum . . . from front end trainers, urgent care centers and primary care providers, through the ED, specialists and hospitalists, all the way through to the post acute home health, rehab and long-term care providers. Like never before, your entire network can connect quickly and securely to discuss a patient’s care and transition plan.


Through its suite of healthcare communication solutions, MD Interconnect is committed to:

Improving efficiency – Reduce the time your clinical staff spends searching for the “right” team member and wondering if a page, email or voicemail was ever received. 

Reducing costs – Eliminate unnecessary diagnostics, avoid unnecessary ED visits, and reduce call volume so your triage line can focus on helping patients.

Enabling access – Give providers direct access to physicians, the emergency department, bed management, and other points of entry to ensure patients access specialists and facilities in a timely manner.

Ensuring security — Ensure your patient’s health information is protected, at rest and in motion. Meeting or even exceeding industry standards and HIPAA compliance requirements, MD Interconnect’s products offer the latest in data security.   


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