Reduce communication barriers

Connect directly to a provider, practice or service without use of answering services and pagers. Easily share call schedules. Give full visibility to recipients, delivery, and read times.

Maintain privacy

Hide your cell number and instead have your office number show as the call origination.  Message content and attachments are encrypted in transit and at rest.  Use face, touch or Pincode ID to access secure messages.  Allow a proxy to respond to messages on your behalf without providing access to your personal phone.

Improve patient experience

Reaching the right person the first time with more detailed messaging means that care decisions can be made more quickly and efficiently. Streamlining information flow from the PCP to Urgent Care or Emergency Departments reduces unnecessary testing and procedures and reduces patient burden in communicating clinical information.

Enable connection to the right colleagues

Always know who is on call for every practice and service line in your community, but more importantly, know who is actually the front line for new consults or the care of existing patients.

Improve physician and staff efficiency

Robust communication with PHI moves seamlessly from provider to staff eliminating on hold wait times and redundant repetition of information. RapidConnect meets each person where they are today - whether mobile, web based, email based or phone based so that RapidConnect messaging is easily accessible.

Customize for practice workflows

Automatically route messages based on content, time of day, patient location and your staff resources, designating backups and escalation protocols.  Create custom roles that appropriately drive communication to staff instead of the physician as needed, to support clinic workflow.

Control availability

System maintained availability based on call schedules and calendars means that you will not have to click in and out of availability. RapidConnect will handle that for you.  Others can only reach you when you want to be reached.

Incorporate all providers (PAs, Residents, Fellows) in call hierarchy

An in depth understanding of teaching institutions, emergency departments and clinics means that your entire team can engage on RapidConnect and distribute the care duties as you do today regardless of the complexity of your current workflows.

Easily request cover

Understanding that a “hold my pager” ability is essential to real life situations in medical institutions, RapidConnect QuickCover allows you to easily request temporary coverage from a fellow provider right from your app.

Minimize disruptions in the OR

RapidPair uniquely supports the surgeon in the OR by not requiring any additional steps before going in or coming out of the OR. Once in the OR, RapidConnect messages received on a mobile phone can be accessed by the circulating nurse at the computer workstation, so that personal phones and PIN numbers are never shared, allowing physician’s focus to remain in the OR.

Tell your hospital about RapidConnect Today

As a hospital we know that your primary role is to provide the best care possible.  RapidConnect helps you achieve this by offering an easy to use highly versatile communications platform.  RapidConnect is branded for the hospital so that you are always top of mind on a daily basis with all of your clinical teams both inside and outside of the hospital.


With the care of patients as the first priority, the ability to communicate efficiently and securely with the right person at the right time becomes imperative to delivering quality healthcare. Rapid Connect provides this secure platform that has been designed by clinicians with clinical workflow top of  mind.  


RapidConnect’s cloud based solution provides the users a secure tool that makes communication as close to effortless as possible.  Now, not knowing a specific schedule or name is not a problem and taking all of the guesswork and waiting out of the equation.   The RapidConnect algorithm provides tangible results such as lower call center volume, quicker and more efficient communication between clinical personnel and an increase in positive results.