Are you ready for secure messaging that your physicians will want to use?


Questionsto Ask

Physician adoption is critical to maximizing your investment in secure messaging.

To meet their expectations, be sure to include these seven questions in your RFP:

1. Does the technology automatically route certain types of messages to the physician's designated resource (i.e. resident, fellow, or PA?)

2. How do physicians control their availability when they are not on call?

3. What happens if a message comes into a provider's phone while they are in the middle of a procedure?

4. Does the platform allow for the user to identify and contact the patient's current care team (including the current hospitalist and nursing staff)?

5. Does the application integrate with the call center and other communication systems?

6. Does the application architecture and pricing allow for broad distribution to outpatient physicians (i.e. primary care physicians, regional referring doctors) without running afoul of anti-kickback statues and without additional costs?

7. Does the application integrate seamlessly with nurse duty phones?