Tech startups often make a big deal about company culture, which somehow equates to ping pong tables, Herman Miller chairs and Friday afternoon beer. What I have experienced in my first job with a healthcare technology startup, is that the way we treat each other and the energy and expectations we each bring to work, are in fact the true measures of company culture.

Understanding each other’s strengths, skills (or even lack of skill) and roles contributes to our ability to function as a team. Together, we can meet company goals and customer needs, and of course have fun along the way.

When we recently spent a holiday volunteer day together at the Wake County Salvation Army, we should not have been surprised that we carried that same team culture with us into that very different setting.

We spent hours filling stockings and sorting clothing for each child. It was an amazing morning, with a wide range of people from different organizations working together to help families in need.

As we walked out to the parking lot, we laughed at how each of us seemed to have automatically jumped into our normal team role. Without thinking twice, we actually expected each other to contribute in our own unique and customary ways. With expectations already set and a shared energy to get to work, we were immediately functioning as a team.

It played out like this. The account managers jumped right into the sorting of stockings and clothes, smiling and talking to all the new friends. Our CTO first had questions about the process and objectives that needed to be answered so that we could systematically achieve the goal. Our marketing team worked eagerly but had to stop frequently for that perfect photo shot. Our CEO kept us all bound together, checked in with Salvation Army leaders and offered assistance where needed.

It was a fun day that was served as a great reminder of why working at MD Interconnect is so rewarding. We value each other. We trust one another and we expect each other to show up. We work together to dive into any project and complete it with excellence.

We are proud of the collaborative, team-oriented approach we take with our customers as well. We work closely with them to understand their needs in detail including the roles each of them play, and bring the power of our diverse team to bear on their behalf.

Our solutions are creative and impactful because each of us brings different backgrounds, experiences and skills to the table.

So, who needs a ping pong table? Friday afternoon beer, on the other hand – well we may have to rethink that one!