Easy to Use
Integrates with existing work flows
Customizes to physician preferences
Integrates with EMR and other technologies
On-site supported implementation process
Ongoing adoption monitoring and support


Bridges the inpatient and outpatient environment
Includes points of entry  (ED, OB, etc) customization
Offers native call schedule manager or
integration with existing solution
Adopts to existing work flows
Works with nursing duty phones


Flat enterprise based fee
Unlimited user downloads
Improves clinical staff efficiency
Enhances patient satisfaction
Eliminates unnecessary ED visits
Delivers 180-day ROI


A system wide branded secure messaging solution that allows your hospital to provide more effective and efficient care.



A secure messaging platform that connects you to roles and personnel so you can spend more time providing quality care.


Finally, a messaging solution physicians will want to use.

Other products on the market may enable secure communication through a downloadable app, but they are not designed to optimize performance of the hospital, physician practice, or the clinically integrated network. At MDI, our mission is to offer secure, provider-friendly communications solutions that easily connect clinical participants across the care continuum. Created by physicians for physicians, RapidConnect solves the problem of managing clinical communications workflow challenges.

Powerful Features

Designed by clinicians, RapidConnect easily connects all clinical staff securely and with features that create powerful efficiencies.  Easily locate and communicate with the right person based on roles, names or locations. Enjoy all of our features at your fingertips using your smartphone or the web portal.  

As an pediatric surgeon, my communication is much more efficient since using RapidConnect.

RapidConnect has features that are critical to physician adoption. Our experience with our current customers has demonstrated to us that these “bells and whistles” are essential to user adoption and are not available in other products.

We put in place a clinically experienced team for the entire implementation process that understands complex workflows unique to healthcare environment.

In addition, users are provided a variety of on-boarding experiences – videos, emails, live sessions, webinars, and in person support – to support user adoption.”

J. David Hoover, MD, FACS,FAAP
Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer


Solution Management


Dedicated account team focused on solution implementation and widespread user adoption.

Account Management

Account management team collaborates with the client to monitor usage to identify issues early and enhance adoption.

Reporting and Analytics

RapidConnect provides the ability to view metrics around message traffic, response time and referral patterns to optimize health system performance.


“RapidConnect allows us to conduct provider to provider communication in a HIPAA compliant manner. We can communicate within our health system, and externally to our network. Our primary care providers are able to connect directly with the specialists on call and don’t have to worry whether the specialist received the message.”

Carolyn Knaup, RN, MHA
Sr. Vice President of Ambulatory Services & Physician Operations
WakeMed Health & Hospitals