Quickly and easily answer consult request questions.

Developed to augment your EMR (or EHR), Intelligent Consult Notification (ICN) ensures that consults are made quickly and seamlessly reach the right person.

Requesting a consult for a patient in the EMR doesn’t necessarily mean that resource will be notified.

When it comes to a consult request, EMRs can leave many unanswered questions.

Who actually gets the notification when a ‘service’ (i.e. Pulmonary) is consulted?

What if a consult request is for a specific individual provider and that person is on vacation?

Which individual should receive that request? Is that person available?

What if they are not on the logged into the system to see the request?

Bridge the Communication Gap

Frequently, unit secretaries will spend significant time tracking down consult requests, reviewing call schedules, and notifying providers via pager. This results in an inefficient use of time and resources and causes a delay in patient care and/or discharge.

Intelligent Consult Notification bridges the gap between EMR and secure messaging. ICN provides immediate notification of inpatient consult requests, optimizes care continuity, and facilitates real-time communication between physicians, while reducing delays in patient care.

EMR Integration

ICN integrates seamlessly with a hospital’s EMR platform, allowing a referring provider to submit a consult order through the EMR, prompting the immediate, secure and intelligent delivery of a message to the receiving provider. The date and time that the message is read is then recorded in the EMR automatically.

Notifications & Alerts

Intelligent Consult Notification will automatically identify EMR consult requests, check against call schedules and message routing preferences and deliver an “active” alert to the right provider.

Customizable Install

Intelligent Consult Notification can be installed for a single clinical service or for the entire health system.

“Hospitals are investing in EMR/EHR technology, and want to get the most out of that investment. It makes perfect sense for a hospital’s secure communication solution to complement its existing technology investment, to help further enhance patient care capabilities and maximize that investment.”– David Hoover, MD, Chief Medical Officer at MD Interconnect.