MD Interconnect Enhances RapidConnect Secure Messaging Platform For Healthcare

Updates focus on connecting the entire healthcare community, improving access and ease of use, and delivering positive return on investment

Raleigh, N.C. September 17, 2018MD Interconnect today announced a number of enhancements to RapidConnect, its secure messaging platform for healthcare. These enhancements demonstrate MD Interconnect’s continued commitment to developing solutions that are specific to the healthcare industry.

“Unlike many other solutions that cater to wide variety of industries, MD Interconnect created RapidConnect specifically for the healthcare industry,” explains Karen Hohenstein, CEO, MD Interconnect. “We work closely with our customers in real clinical environments, and measure the value of every product enhancement against the benefits and needs in that environment.  We understand that delays and confusion can cost money or even lives.  We are committed to making communication better for our clinicians and improving care for the patients that they serve.”

Connecting the Entire Community 

One thing that sets the RapidConnect platform apart from other secure messaging solutions, is its commitment to helping users integrate with and collaborate across the entire healthcare continuum; from front-end trainers, urgent care centers, primary care providers; through the ED, specialists and hospitalists; all the way through to the post acute home health, rehab and long-term care providers.

Expanded user profile and contact information makes it even easier for RapidConnect users to connect with other providers and support staff who may not share the same EHR or email server, by including more details about a person’s role, position and practice.

Good communication throughout the care community relies heavily on call schedules. Knowing who is on call at any given time is critical to quick response times and patient care outcomes. In this latest release, RapidConnect has improved call schedule content, in addition to search and viewing capabilities.  As part of that update, call schedules can now have more than one person on a shift at a time and can be exported directly through any user portal.  The new Call Schedule Builder Module takes that even further to help call schedule managers fill schedules more quickly, more easily edit schedules and generate automated daily reports.

A full circle of communication requires each user to be available on the app or available through alternative methods. The fact that non-providers may not carry mobile devices and need to use a variety of phone lines can often creates confusion about who to call back and what number to use.  RapidConnect now reduces that confusion by confirming call back numbers at the beginning of non-provider shifts.

Enhanced Access and Ease of Use

MD Interconnect knows that access and ease of use are keys to successful user adoption and continued use of any technology. For physicians in particular, that includes workflow alignment and controlled availability. A number of RapidConnect enhancements were developed with that in mind.

Support for face ID and touch ID authorization enables easier access to secure information and quicker response times.

Enhanced notification capabilities include the display of more useful content in the banner notifications, and a longer display time on the screen. A new snooze option lets users cease notifications for 10 minutes giving them blocks of uninterrupted time when appropriate.

Improved task management capabilities allow users to easily organize incoming messages into a task list, and mark them for follow-up later in the day. Users can also flag and sort messages to streamline daily care team communication.

Expanded attachment capabilities include support for larger attachments and the ability to pull an attachment directly from a phone’s camera.

Improved availability settings make it easier for users to manage their availability without having to log on and/or off.

Positive Return on Investment

For more than two years, MD Interconnect customers have relied on RapidConnect to reduce costs and increase revenue through streamlined referrals, easier access to facilities and services and more efficient delivery of care. This latest round of RapidConnect updates makes a positive return on investment even easier.

Consult requests through the EHR have been historically problematic due to a number of factors — the attending on record may not be the current on call physician, the need to rely on a non-secure pager, etc. RapidConnect’s Intelligent Message Routing delivers requests for consults including all PHI directly from the EHR to the on call provider or their support team. No more paging, or in-basket mail and the uncertainly that comes with them. With RapidConnect, read receipts immediately hit the EHR assuring all parties that a full circle of communication has occurred.  This automated process for consult requests saves time and reduces confusion especially when a patient is being cared for by an outside specialty practice or in a teaching hospital setting.

New configuration capabilities for ED Evaluations/Direct Admits allow customized promotion of Urgent Care, Emergency and Direct Admission Services.  Doing so not only promotes available locations to the care community but also allows the PCP to quickly and securely send PHI that will impact care choices made by the Urgent Care and ED providers.

About MD Interconnect

Dr. J. David Hoover responded to a critical challenge facing physicians, and one that he had experienced personally; connecting the right physicians at the right time, to ensure
the best possible outcome for patients. With that in mind, he co-founded MD Interconnect and developed RapidConnect, a powerful secure messaging platform for both mobile and desktop users in healthcare settings. Founded in 2015, MD Interconnect is based in Raleigh, N.C. Visit to learn more.


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