Partnership will integrate unique patient assignment platform with best-in-class secure communications technology to create a sophisticated care team coordination product suite

Boston – March 14, 2017 – MedAptus®, a Boston-based healthcare technology company, has signed a partnership agreement with MD Interconnect, a mobile health technology company, to provide the next generation of total team care coordination. The partnership will combine the best of MedAptus’ intelligent patient assignment technology with MD Interconnect’s secure messaging solution, RapidConnect.

The best-in-class integration of MedAptus’ protocol-based Assign, available today for both rounding providers and nurses, with RapidConnect creates the most powerful tool in the industry to seamlessly connect all patient care providers.  This integration creates a next generation patient-centric care coordination platform, ensuring the right communication with the right caregiver at the right time.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Karen Hohenstein, CEO and Co-Founder of MD Interconnect. “By combining these two technologies in one platform, we are able to address the real need of enabling care team members to connect and work seamlessly together. No other player has anything comparable to the Assign solution, which is why we wanted to partner with MedAptus. It’s a perfect complement to RapidConnect’s next generation communications platform.”

Assign is a customizable, protocol-based patient assignment platform that matches the right patient with the right care team members to accurately and expertly balance patient workload among physicians, nurses and other team members. By intelligently and automatically assigning patients using customizable protocols that include continuity, geography patient acuity and preferences, along with scheduling data, Assign reduces staff burnout, improves workflow efficiency ultimately reduces overall length of stay, contributing to patient satisfaction.

MD Interconnect’s RapidConnect is a cloud-based mobile and web platform designed to enhance communication among healthcare team members quickly, easily and securely. With RapidConnect, every call schedule is integrated directly into the system, allowing easy access to the proper clinician every time. With the care of patients as first priority, the ability to communicate efficiently and securely with the right person at the right time becomes imperative to delivering quality healthcare.  RapidConnect provides this secure platform that has been designed by clinicians with clinical workflow top of mind.  It also integrates personal preferences and rules-based workflows so access to physicians and other care team members is streamlined for everyone.

The integrated product suite enables quick visibility into the team taking care of a particular patient at any given moment and facilitates secure communication across those care team members.

“We see this integrated platform as truly the next generation of care coordination,” said Gene Schneider, CEO of MedAptus. “What this means is that care team members, both inside and outside the hospital, can not only communicate seamlessly and securely with each other, but they can also assign the optimal care team members to patients based on unique situational factors. Nobody else in healthcare can deliver that patient-centric combination.”

About MedAptus
MedAptus is an award-winning Boston-based healthcare technology company providing state-of-the-art solutions that streamline the process of delivering patient care. From simplifying pre-care clinical workforce needs, to automating administrative tasks at the point-of-care, MedAptus provides customers with products that  improve operational efficiency and workflow, optimize financial performance and help healthcare providers deliver better patient outcomes. MedAptus has been recognized as a leader in mobile charge capture software and services by KLAS six out of the past seven years and was named Category Leader in 2017.

About MD Interconnect
MD Interconnect is the mobile health company behind RapidConnect, a cloud-based mobile and web application for healthcare professionals. Developed by physicians and for physicians, RapidConnect is designed to enhance communication among caregivers in a HIPAA secure environment. RapidConnect allows clinicians to communicate quickly, easily, and securely, improving patient care and efficiency while reducing costs. The communications app integrates call schedules, personal preferences and rules based workflows so access to physicians and services is streamlined for everyone. Founded in 2015, MD Interconnect is based in Raleigh, N.C.

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