When physician practices bring new providers on board, it can be challenging to ensure that patient workload doesn’t disproportionately fall on the established providers. Existing providers are typically paged more often, even if they aren’t on-call, just because they have been at the practice longer and their names are recognized in the community. This results in time lost connecting to the correct provider. It also means that physicians’ vacations and other times out of the office get unnecessarily interrupted. Physician satisfaction and patient care can be adversely affected.

WakeMed Pediatric Endocrinology decided to work with MD Interconnect to address that challenge before adding the next provider. Their on-call schedule was built into the RapidConnect secure messaging platform, and a new role called “Pediatric Endocrinologists On-Call” was created. Local hospital ED’s and community physicians were asked to use this on-call role instead of physician names so that messages would be answered quickly.

The Pediatric Endocrinologists who were not on call were then able set their status as unavailable, so that all messages would automatically forward to their on call partner. This prohibited users from circumventing the role.

See the complete use case here.