The RapidConnect platform delivers much more than just secure texting for healthcare. It is a comprehensive approach to communication that builds upon MD Interconnect’s deep understanding of the unique needs of the care continuum, including:

• primary care physicians to specialists,
• emergency departments to hospital admissions,
• residency programs to nurses,
• referring community to urgent care, and most importantly,
• builds on experience in real life in healthcare today.

RapidConnect ensures HIPAA compliance but also alignment with established healthcare workflows for each user group, easily mirroring the present day allocation of resources while reducing barriers and delays.

The RapidConnect approach to communication builds on awareness of the unique needs of each team member, meeting them at the point of quickest access in their workflow, including:  desktop work stations, mobile apps, pagers, duty phones and email; while always prioritizing the provider experience to have the most positive impact on patient care.


Intelligent Message Routing (IMR)

RapidConnect is the only communication platform that intelligently routes your messages based on six different factors, including clinical service resources availability (residents, PAs, etc.) and physician preferences. Based on the type of message being sent, RapidConnect analyzes these factors, integrates with call schedule platforms and routes the sender’s message to the right person – the first time.

Many secure communication solutions in the market today utilize “point-to-point” messaging or what we like to call “souped up” directory functionality, which has a number of limitations. Many other solutions can only connect one physician to another physician. RapidConnect goes beyond point-to-point communication by utilizing Intelligent Message Routing and by connecting the entire healthcare team. Why? Because that is how healthcare really works.

IMR streamlines care and optimizes the efficiency of resources.

With IMR, over 70% of messages are answered in less than 3 minutes and nearly 90% are answered in less than 25 minutes.

Workflow Alignment

MDI recognizes that the best way to achieve adoption is to minimize change and maximize value for users. RapidConnect doesn’t require users to change their workflow, but rather aligns with their existing workflow and makes it better.

A key to workflow alignment is using the 2 key factors that drive physician workflows, which are the location of the patient and the relationship of that patient to the receiving party. We require every person sending a message to provide this essential context by clicking on one square on the home screen.

By automating tasks that have traditionally been manual and time-consuming, RapidConnect improves, enhances and streamlines existing processes. Physicians, staff and operators can stick to their routine, while completing tasks faster, and more seamlessly.

By using IMR and workflow alignment, time is no longer wasted trying to find the right person and figuring out how to connect with that person.

One –time Availability Set Up:

RapidConnect gives physicians more control over how and when they are contacted. RapidConnect users set up their availability one time, unlike other solutions that require turning availability on/off each day.Users also determine what role should receive their messages when they are “unavailable.”

Call Center Integration

Facilitating direct physician-to-physician communication, RapidConnect can dramatically decrease call center volume as demonstrated by WakeMed’s 60% reduction in operator assisted physician connection. In the limited instances when operators receive physician connection calls, RapidConnect significantly decreases the time those operators spend managing each call.

Putting an end to the frustrating and time-consuming back-and-forth communication, with the operator as the middleman, RapidConnect ensures the seamless connection of providers.

Point of Entry Integration

RapidConnect enables providers to notify admissions, the ED, or urgent care centers of a patient’s impending arrival. The facility has the flexibility to design how they prefer those messages be routed. They can be designed to go straight to the point of entry, or through a screening resource to ensure a medical record is set up. Messages can be forwarded to one (or multiple) resources based on each organization’s specific requirements.

RapidConnect also helps the hospital establish one set of guidelines for secure communication. This ensures that everyone follow the same process, that messages are automatically sent to the right people at the right time, and eliminates the frustration and confusion about the “who, when and how” of provider communication.

Driving Adoption Continuum-Wide

MDI takes a unique, community-driven approach to implementation. With a focus on adoption, MDI offer a hands-on approach, meeting with each clinical service, reaching out to community-based physicians and supporting providers (and their staff) throughout the on-boarding process. Other communication solution providers in the market require a ‘mandate’ that providers adopt their technology. At MDI, we believe that user adoption happens by:
• Offering a superior product that adds value to providers’ lives,
• Starting in a micro environment that builds physician support
• Regularly communicating with and supporting providers.

Offering license-based pricing for unlimited mobile users (versus the standard industry pricing model of a “per head” fee) allows organizations to offer the product to providers across the continuum of care, including those integrated with the system and in private practice. RapidConnect clients can integrate with and collaborate across the entire healthcare continuum; from front-end trainers, urgent care centers, primary care providers; through the ED, specialists and hospitalists; all the way through to the post acute home health, rehab and long-term care providers. Like never before, your entire network can connect quickly and securely to discuss a patient’s care and transition plan.

Better communication across the entire care continuum reduces communication barriers, miscommunications and frustrations by streamlining collaboration and transition of care. Guessing games about whom to contact, how to reach them, and if the message was actually read are eliminated. With a 90% message response rate of three minutes or less, outpatient-based providers connect with inpatient specialists quickly and easily.

RapidConnect integrates with a hospital’s (or practice’s) existing technologies, including leading EMR/EHR solutions and call schedule management solutions.

Better communication streamlines access to the ED, improves the direct admission process and makes referrals easier and more efficient. Duplicate tests, unnecessary diagnostics and even unnecessary hospital stays can also be avoided.

All of this leads to better patient care, increased overall productivity and satisfaction of physicians and other staff and widespread user adoption.

We recognize that change in a large community requires continuous accountability, education, refinement and 24/7 support.

As part of the RapidConnect commitment to each customer, we offer clinically trained account managers, real time message alerts, targeted training, easy feedback loops and proactive efforts for meaningful engagement of the entire team.

RapidConnect offers each care community an array of services and options that can be tailored to the unique needs and strategic focus of your organization, including integrations with the other key components in your technology toolbox.