Communicate securely and efficiently across the entire health system.

RapidConnect ensures secure communication across the patient care continuum, including in-patient and outpatient caregivers – by text, by call, or via the web.

RapidConnect helps physicians reduce communication barriers and streamline collaboration with other physicians and caregivers.

This improves overall physician and staff efficiency, freeing up time for meaningful patient interaction.

RapidConnect connects you to the right person – the first time.


All providers want to make sure that all members of their team (NP/PA, Residents, fellows, etc.) are being used to their “highest and best” capabilities. By doing so, you streamline care and ensure the efficiency of your most expensive resource – physicians.

RapidConnect is the only communication platform that gives you the ability to customize message routing preferences, by clinical service resources and physician preferences. Based on the type of message you want to send, RapidConnect uses your custom message routing preferences and integrates with your call schedule system, to connect you to the right person – the first time.


(for patients and physicians)

RapidConnect protects private Patient Health Information by encrypting data at motion and at rest, ensuring that only the sender of the message and the intended receiver can access that information.

We know that physicians value not only their patients’ privacy but also their own. That’s why on RapidConnect; a physician’s numbers are always hidden when calling a colleague or a patient.

Workflow Alignment

We know the best way to achieve adoption is to minimize change and maximize value for users. RapidConnect is the only product on the market that doesn’t require users to change their workflow, but rather aligns with their existing workflow – improving, enhancing and streamlining their entire workflow process. Your physicians, staff and operators can stick to their routine, but do so faster, and more seamlessly.

Call Schedules

Finding the right provider can be complicated, particularly if you don’t have immediate access to their call schedule. RapidConnect simplifies that process by offering a native call schedule manager as well integrations with all the leading call schedule managers – Lightning Bolt, AmIon, Qgenda and others. You can quickly see who is “on call” and check your own call schedule.

Quick Cover

Running an errand? Family emergency? With QuickCover (TM) RapidConnect users can request that someone cover them for a set amount of time – whether that be 10 minutes or 10 hours. Once the QuickCover request has been accepted, any message or call will be rerouted.

Message Escalation

RapidConnect users identify the frequency for repeat notifications. With over 90% of messages answered in less than 3 minutes, rarely does a message need to be escalated. If necessary however, RapidConnect moves outside the system and uses pre-established channels including pager, email and SMS text messaging to get in touch with a provider.


Physician burnout is a growing epidemic and the expectation to always be “available” has proven to be a factor. RapidConnect helps alleviate this stress, by allowing providers to set their availability by day of the week in one easy step.

Clinic Monday morning? No problem. Your messages will be routed to your backup.

Going on vacation? One swipe and your messages will be forwarded.
RapidConnect gives physicians more control over how and when they respond, by allowing them to choose when they want to receive messages and who should receive their messages when they are “unavailable.”


RapidConnect is a SaaS solution that is architected to provide a high level of security that exceeds all applicable industry standards. Hosting is provided through Microsoft Azure’s HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. The RapidConnect application provides strong encryption of Protected Health Information (PHI) both at rest and in transit. PHI is visible to only the sender and receiver of a specific message. A PIN code is required to access PHI within our mobile Apps in addition to login. Third party security testing is done on a yearly basis to ensure continued compliance.