Enabling better, secure communication for healthcare

Created by physicians, RapidConnect ensures secure communication across the patient care continuum, including in-patient and outpatient caregivers, by text, by call, or via the web. RapidConnect helps physicians reduce communication barriers and streamline collaboration with other physicians and caregivers. This direct connection improves overall physician and staff efficiency, freeing up time for meaningful patient interaction.RapidConnect connects you to the right person—the first time.

Protection from Security Vulnerabilities

RapidConnect is a SaaS solution that is architected to provide a high level of security that exceeds all applicable industry standards. Hosting is provided through Microsoft Azure’s HIPAA-compliant infrastructure and helps you prevent:

Hacking/IT Incident


Unauthorized Access/ Disclosure

Key RapidConnect Security Highlights

  • HIPAA compliant infrastructure (Azure)
  • PHI is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Encryption algorithm is AES-256-CBC (Advanced
    Encryption Standard – 256 bit, block cipher
  • Yearly security tests done by third party.
  • PHI access on mobile app requires pincode as
    second level of security.
  • Data is hosted in the cloud (Azure).
  • Application data on mobile devices are secured
    with local encryption and automatically wiped
    if the user is de-provisioned from the system or
    violates the lockout policy (configured by the
  • Administrator can disable RapidConnect mobile
    access for devices that have been lost or stolen.
  • Yearly HIPAA Risk analysis