We hope you enjoy the newest updates to RapidConnect. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect.


You can attach multiple images and documents to your secure messages. Images cannot stored in your phone and must be taken when creating the message, protecting and encrypting for your privacy. Look for the camera symbol in the message creation screen.


Until now, sending a message to multiple people required you to first name and then create a group. Now you are able to type multiple names and roles into the TO portion of any message. This includes replies and forwarded messages. The new Secure Text All button allows you to reply all quickly.

In addition, the name of the person covering that role appears, revealing the intended recipient BEFORE sending the message. Read receipts will continue to inform you of the time that each recipient reads your message.


We heard from many of you about the RapidConnect alert tone (everyone either loves it or hates it) so now the choice is yours. In version 3.6.5 you may choose your own unique sound for incoming messages on RapidConnect.  On your app go to Settings>Notifications.



We are aware that, at times, you were receiving replies to messages after you became Unavailable(red dot) in RapidConnect.  We have changed messaging rules to make sure your availability is protected and the sender is aware that you cannot receive a message. You will need to be available to send or recieve any messages, even replies to conversations that you started.

When sending a message if you choose Reply or Reply All to a message, the message will only send to those who are available.  When selecting Reply All, you will always be able to see who is available before you send the message.  If you send a reply message to a group, you will recieve an immediate message on Rapidconnect from Super Admin informing you of who did not receive the message.


We know how irritating it is to see the pop-up “Your message could not be sent.” This can occur if a call schedule is blank. To address times when a call schedule is being covered by non-Rapidconnect users, we are now able to fill call schedules with the Practice name.  A Practice cannot receive a Rapidconnect message but we are able to display the Practice phone number so that you may call the Practice.

For example, a community physician Practice may have only some physicians active on RapidConnect but may still post their entire call schedule.  If you attempt to send a message to a “Practice on Call Physician” role on a day that is covered by a non-user, you will now see a pop up with the practice phone number instead of receiving the failed message alert.  Also, when viewing this call schedule in RapidConnect you will see the Practice name on those days instead of “no one assigned.”

Phone calls and callback numbers

We know it is frustrating for someone to request a call back and not provide a number. To reduce the likelihood of this, web users will be required to confirm a call back number for the shift when first logging in for the day.

Possibly worse is the “can you hear me now” situation. Users will now be notified if their microphone is off and we will require that the microphone is enabled before allowing them to complete a call.


Group Replies follow the Role instead of the person:  When you send a message to more than one recipient and include a ROLE such as Cary Hospitalist on Call as one of your recipients, your message will send to the person logged into that role at the time you choose Secure Text All.   So, if you “Reply All” after a shift change, the new person on call will receive the entire message chain.


Know the exact Read Time of any message:  just click on the READ check mark to see the read times of everyone who has read your message.



Administrators can build call schedule reports and schedule receipt of those reports via email on a regular interval.  We recommend viewing call schedules on RapidConnect to have the most up to date information, but at times we know that you need to share copies of your call with people who are not on RapidConnect.


Favorite Call Schedules are now sorted with filled call schedules at the top and in alphabetical order.



QuickCover now lets you select an end time that goes into the next day for shifts that span days.

The User profile who requested availability now reflects that the role that is being covered by another User.


Web and App users will know before typing a message if they must send a Quick Text instead of a Secure Text.

You may now set and change your RapidPair and Escalation Settings in the app instead of going to the web.



Hyperlinked 10 Digit phone numbers within a message to allow you to click and start a call.


To improve search, we can now associate key words to Roles. For example, associating GYN to the Role “Obstetrics on Call” will allow the system to present the Obstetrics on Call Role as a choice when someone types GYN in the TO portion of a message. Send us key words that should be associated to your roles and we will add them.

Search results will indicate if a user is unavailable by ghosting their name.


We have increased the frequency of updating status and a few other screens while you have the application open. If you are ever unsure, there is also a new Refresh button on the Settings Page for you to refresh. This feature will come in handy for those who are trading shift roles and need to make sure they have completed the trade.


Moving through parking garages and hospitals, you may lose connection to WIFI and not know it. We are going to provide some help by putting a new banner up on the home screen if you lose all connection. You will be aware that you need to move to another location to retrieve any messages.


Multi-users share inbound messages for the roles they are covering. The administer of the multi-user role will now be able to receive an alert at the time interval of their choosing if any message to their group is unread.


If you need 10 minutes of quiet, use your Apple watch or tap your incoming notification and select snooze. Snooze will stop the app notifications for 10 minutes. This does not affect your SMS texts or email notifications.


  • IOS app now has a darker font.
  • Notifications of new messages will now come through even when you are in app.
  • If a call schedule is covered by a practice instead of an individual, you can now tap the practice name and link directly to their office phone number to make that call.


  • RapidConnect Version 3.6.5 is available now in your app stores. If you need assistance logging in, please contact us.
  • If you have Lurie Children’s Citrix Secure Hub on your phone, open that app in order to download the new RapidConnect app.
  • Turn off your HDR feature on your camera to reduce image file size so that your attachments will send.
  • With IOS 11, Apple stops all notifications when it senses that you are driving.  If you are on call but in your car, you may wish to turn off Safe Driving Mode.
  • In your SENT Mailbox, click on the “Read” check mark to see what time the message was read by each recipient.


Lurie Children’s Services now available 
Academic General Pediatrics
Adolescent Medicine
Allergy Immunology
Anesthesiology Pain Medicine
Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery
Child Abuse Pediatrics
Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Hematology – Oncology – Stem Cell Transplant
Hospital Based Medicine
Hospital Based Medicine Outreach
Infectious Disease
Kidney Disease and Dialysis
Medical Imaging
Neurology Epilepsy
Otolaryngology ENT
Pediatric Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Pulmonary Sleep Medicine

Practices that have joined 

North Arlington Pediatrics, SC
Pediatric Associates of The North Shore
All Star Pediatrics, PC
Kids Health Partners, LLC
Pediatrics Unlimited, LLC.
Vida Pediatrics
1-2-3 Pediatrics
All About Kids Pediatrics, SC
Dina Kaner, MD, SC
Errol C. Baptist, MD
Fox River Pediatrics
Garden Pediatrics
Naperville South Pediatrics, LLC
Palatine Pediatrics
Riverview Pediatrics
Lorin Brown, MD
Town and Country Pediatrics
Northwestern Children’s Practice
Children’s Health Partners
Arlington Pediatrics, Ltd
Lake Forest Pediatrics Associates, Ltd
Associated Pediatric Partners, SC
ABC Pediatrics, Ltd.
Pedios, Ltd
North Suburban Pediatrics
Children’s Healthcare Associates
Apple-A-Day Pediatrics
Chicago Area Pediatrics
Oak Park Pediatrics Ltd
FGM Pediatrics
Kidz Health
Millennium Pediatrics
Streeterville Pediatrics, S.C.
Weissbluth Pediatrics
Kids First Pediatrics on 30
Pediagroup Associates, SC
DuPage Pediatrics Ltd
Bedingfield & Rosewell, SC
Child & Adolescent Health Associates, Ltd.

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