RapidConnect Version 3.6.5 New Content

We hope you enjoy the newest updates to RapidConnect. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect.


WakeMed Services now available 
Diabetes Nurse Educators
Perfusion Service
Palliative Medicine

WakeMed Urgent Care Locations

Practices that have joined 
Carolina Nephrology
Duke Radiation Oncology
Raleigh Radiology
HeartCare + Advanced Heart Failure
NCFC Pivot Physical Therapy
Response Physical Therapy
Select Physical Therapy

Phone calls and callback numbers

We know it is frustrating for someone to request a call back and not provide a number. To reduce the likelihood of this, web users will be required to confirm a call back number for the shift when first logging in for the day.

Possibly worse is the “can you hear me now” situation. Users will now be notified if their microphone is off and we will require that the microphone is enabled before allowing them to complete a call.


We have increased the frequency of updating status and a few other screens while you have the application open. If you are ever unsure, there is also a new Refresh button on the Settings Page for you to refresh. This feature will come in handy for those who are trading shift roles and need to make sure they have completed the trade.


Moving through parking garages and hospitals, you may lose connection to WIFI and not know it. We are going to provide some help by putting a new banner up on the home screen if you lose all connection. You will be aware that you need to move to another location to retrieve any messages.


Multi-users share inbound messages for the roles they are covering. The administer of the multi-user role will now be able to receive an alert at the time interval of their choosing if any message to their group is unread.


If you need 10 minutes of quiet, use your Apple watch or tap your incoming notification and select snooze. Snooze will stop the app notifications for 10 minutes. This does not affect your SMS texts or email notifications.


  • IOS app now has a darker font.
  • Notifications of new messages will now come through even when you are in app.
  • If a call schedule is covered by a practice instead of an individual, you can now tap the practice name and link directly to their office phone number to make that call.


  • Turn off your HDR feature on your camera to reduce image file size so that your attachments will send.
  • With IOS 11, Apple stops all notifications when it senses that you are driving.  If you are on call but in your car, you may wish to turn off Safe Driving Mode.
  • In your SENT Mailbox, click on the “Read” check mark to see what time the message was read by each recipient.


“RapidConnect gives me the ability to contact other providers in a secure manner and gives me the feedback to know my message has been opened and read. I rely on RapidConnect for timely and accurate delivery of secure messages on a daily basis.”

Chuck Harr
MD, Chief Medical Officer
WPP CV Surgery

“RapidConnect allows us to conduct provider to provider communication in a HIPAA compliant manner. We can communicate within our health system, and externally to our network. Our primary care providers are able to connect directly with the specialists on call and don’t have to worry whether the specialist received the message.”

Carolyn Knaup, RN, MHA
Sr. Vice President of Ambulatory Services & Physician Operations
WakeMed Health & Hospitals

“RapidConnect has revolutionized the way we communicate at WakeMed Children’s. We used to have delayed and often inaccurate contacts between providers. Since deploying RapidConnect we consistently achieve speedy, accurate, and seamless communication between our providers every time. Simply brilliant!”

William H. Lagarde, MD, FAAP
Director, Pediatric Endocrinology
Medical Director, Pediatric Subspecialties
Medical Director, WakeMed Clinical Research Institute
WakeMed Physician Practices

“Improved communication and collaboration between medical providers is essential to help to improve patient outcomes and lower health care cost. RC is an incredibly efficient and easy resource to help us meet these goals.”

Brian Klausner, MD
Internal Medicine
WakeMed Health & Hospitals

Share your Suggestions

Your feedback is a driving force in our design decisions. Please continue to share your suggestions. You can always reach us at support@mdinterconnect.com or 877.325.2843 with new ideas and questions.