Enhances access

Extends brand awareness

Improves staff efficiency

Enhances physician relationships

Optimized clinical resource utilization

Reduces risk associated with unsecured PHI

Addresses network leakage

Enhances patient experience

Customizable to hospital workflow

Predictable fee

Active account management

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Effective Clinical Communication Can Be Difficult


Don’t know a specific schedule or name? No problem! RapidConnect’s ability to manage call routing and schedule interface means no missed connections.  


With RapidConnect, you can integrate with your current call scheduling platform or use our built-in system, allowing our rules based hierarchy to connect your message every time.  


Ensures patient access care in the most appropriate and cost effective setting.


With the care of patients as the first priority, the ability to communicate efficiently and securely with the right person at the right time becomes imperative to delivering quality healthcare. RapidConnect provides this secure platform that has been designed by clinicians with clinical workflow top of  mind.  

Call Schedule Integration

With RapidConnect, every call schedule is integrated directly into the system, allowing easy access to the proper clinician every time. No more guessing who is on call or hoping that your messages was routed correctly. Eliminate the guesswork and improve your overall performance with this easy to use feature.

Unlimited Apps

We believe that every clinician, inside and outside of the hospital, should have access to the RapidConnect app on their device. We are unique from other secure communication platforms by not charging per user, but rather utilizing an enterprise license with unlimited app users. The cost of the enterprise license is based on the size of the system. We want everyone to have access to RapidConnect without the penalty of a user by user license fee.


RapidConnect’s cloud based solution provides the users a secure tool that makes communication as close to effortless as possible.  Now, not knowing a specific schedule or name is not a problem and taking all of the guesswork and waiting out of the equation.   The RapidConnect algorithm provides tangible results such as lower call center volume, quicker and more efficient communication between clinical personnel and an increase in positive results.

Built for Teaching Hospitals

Information about how this system was built to be used a teaching hospital.